This roll of film was pretty interesting. I shot Kodak Ektar 100 which was originally in my Nikon FM2N. All the snow photos were shot with the FM2N. When my lens arrived for my M7, I didn't want to put in a fresh roll leaving the Ektar in the FM2N to never be touched again, so I decided to put the Ektar into the M7. I rolled it up in the FM2N and left enough leader to pull it back out. I Put it in the M7 and all was good. I was 21 frames in, so had make sure to match. As you can see, I messed up and double exposed. Shooting with a rangefinder is much different than an SLR and will take little while to get used to. I'm excited.

All photos scanned with the Pakon F135. OH MY GOD THIS IS A LIFE SAVER.

Also, gotta love trades. THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST.