It's currently Demi's spring break; and to start it off, we went down to the 757 to visit her family. We were down there from Friday until Tuesday. It was a much needed mini-vacation. It was nice seeing everyone down there especially since I don't get much human interaction haha.

One of the highlights was taking a photography workshop headed by Glenn Fajota. Glenn really knows his stuff. I can't believe how much some photographers get paid. Wow. For this particular workshop, we concentrated on headshots. Our model, Courtney, was absolutely amazing. Makeup done by Sarah Rillon was flawless. This was my first time shooting any kind of headshot photography, but I definitely have some keepers I want to put in my portfolio. What was really dope though, was that I won the grand prize! At the end of the workshop, Glenn asked for volunteers to see who could create the best headshot of him. I pretty much used Sean's lighting but tweaked it a little. So thanks, Sean. Haha.

Besides the workshop, didn't really do much but galavant (lmao) around the 757. We ate a lot. It was a lot of fun and I wish it didn't end so soon. COAAAAAACHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

If anyone knows who Coach is from the Route 58 Delicatessen, let me know 😂