This past Friday, we decided to go to Topgolf. It's pretty convenient that we live pretty much down the street from it.

Shit was wild. Some dude crossed the yellow line and accidentally got hit in the face with a club. Dude's face was swollen and bleeding. On top of it, dude admitted he was at fault and that he was sorry, but the person who hit him got mad for some reason and they almost got into a fight. More than likely, race was involved, but I'll spare you the details.

Funny story; Caleb ordered a junior cheeseburger. When he got it, it had no cheese. Mohana told the server that Caleb's burger didn't have cheese. The server went to the back and when she came back, it went like this.

Server: Sorry, we ran out of cheese.

Mohana (who ordered a cheeseburger and did in fact get cheese on her burger.): My burger came with cheese. So yo do have cheese, correct?

Server: We do, but we ran out of cheese in that size (junior.)                      

We were thinking, can't you just slice the regular sized cheese to the size of the junior burger?! Mohana asked her to still get the cheese and when the server came back, she said they can't give single slices of cheese... After a few more words back and forth, the server came back with a nice cold piece of cheese for Caleb's burger. Like I mean, come on. You can't warm it up for the boy?!

Besides golfing, which was mostly done by Caleb and Izzy (lol), we played shuffle board. I've never played shuffle board in my whole entire life, but man am I hooked. Caleb got two 3's!! How in the hell?! Anyways, Enjoy the photos. I'm still going through a testing phase with the Leica and pushing Portra 400 to 1600.