Bruh.  So this past weekend, I went hiking with my cousins/friends (they all cousins pretty much lol). Miguel and Elicea had this bright idea of hiking/climbing Old Rag Mountain... Now let me tell you, had I been in shape, this wouldn't have been that bad.. But BRO, I haven't really exercised since I got injured playing flag football a year or so ago. I know, terrible. I need to get back into shape.

Anyways, the whole hiking thing was AT LEAST 9 miles. We basically climbed up a mountain and circled it on the way back down. There was even a rock climbing portion. There was one point where Demi accepted death LOL. Shit was no joke. If we were in shape, it honestly wouldn't have been that bad. My body was DED at the end. I didn't take any photos of the climb up because I was too busy dying. Had to concentrate on living.

In the end it was all worth it. I was able to spend quality time with everyone and it was good exercise. I'm not even sure when's the last time we all hung out like that. It was definitely much needed. Oh yeah, we even saw a baby black bear cub. We noped out of there with the quickness. 

After the hike, we tried to eat at either Iron Age or Chasin' Tails, but they were too packed. Regina kept suggesting Five Guys since she was craving burgers, but we decided to eat at a buffet instead. Big mistake. Definitely wasn't worth it.

Shout out to Tim for actually pulling through.. If it weren't for him, we probably would have cancelled. Haha.


Believe it or not, the next day WE WERE WALKING MILES AGAIN. This time, it was about 2 miles. One mile from Maki Shop to Milk Bar/City Center and back. WHYYYY. We ended up kickin' it in DC then going to Tyson's for Shake Shack since we didn't go to Five Guys the day before. Five Guys would have been a much better choice than that damn buffet.