This Memorial Day weekend was fun. Chilled at home with the fam, got KBBQ (again), went to the Air And Space Museum Udvar Hazy Annex, and ended with fishing.

My mind is drawing a blank here and I don't know what to write lol. There are also some photos from Richmond a few weeks ago. Started a roll of Ektar in RVA, ended at at the Air And Space Museum.

That woman on the bench in one of the photos got all up in my face (literally, a few inches) saying how I can't be taking photos of people on the streets all willy nilly and shit. Lmao. It was pretty wild. But like a lot of homeless people, she was drunk. You could smell the stench of alcohol all over her.

The title says "BRING BACK THE CONCORDE." In case you didn't know where that's from, it's from Jay-Z's "Tom Ford." The Air France plane you see in the photos below is what the man himself was rapping about. The Concorde was retired in 2003. I feel it was a jet that was ahead of it's time. A regular subsonic plane would take around 7-8 hours to get from NY to London. It would take the Concorde 3.5 hours. That's wild.