Last night, was amazing. Last night, I went to go see Gallant with special guest, Eryn Allen Kane, at U Street Music Hall in D.C. Went with Demi and some friends. Shoutout to my new Indo friends! Haha. It was wild though. I recently started listening to Gallant again last week after a homegirl of mine mentioned him on Twitter. I checked if he had any shows coming up and it just so happened that he was having one in DC on my birthday. It was fate.

Dude was amazing. His falsettos in person are crazy. You know you're good when you sound just as good live, if not better, than on a recorded track. if you haven't heard of Gallant, get on Spotify right now and look him up. Or click below.  Shoot, Eryn Allen Kane was bomb too. She paid tribute to D.C. with Sexy Lady at the end though!

It was an intimate show. U Street Music Hall is pretty small. It's basically a basement that can fit about 500 people. There's something about smaller shows that make it that much better. It was dope. I wanted to be first in line but nobody wanted to go with me except Rian hahaha. Rian ended up getting Gallant's sweaty ass towel during the show too lmao. It was cool that this show was the start of his Ology tour. Basically, his first show as a headliner. This dude is gonna get big one day. Maybe even win a Grammy.

It was nice not taking that many photos and just enjoying the concert. It's crazy now that at shows, all you see are phone screen. Wild bruh. Live in the moment more instead of trying to capture it all! I get it, you want to take some photos/videos. If you do, just make sure it doesn't take up half of of your whole damn time at the show. Enjoy yourself!