This past Saturday, I went to my first Street Meet DC event. Street Meet DC holds photo-walks once a month where photographers, videographers, and other creatives in the area get together and shoot. I've been wanting to go to one of these events for over a year, but my schedule never worked out until now - finally.

I met up with a NikeTalk home, Francis for the first time. We've never actually met, but you know how social media is. You meet people online before in person haha. It was dope. I see more events in the future with this guy.

Anyways, the environment was dope. There's literally dozens of photographers all with their cameras out just shooting away. There were a couple of people who came through just to model. They were the real MVP's.

I can't wait to make it to the next one. Hopefully I'll be able to make it that is. Friends, who's trying to go and either take photos or get their photo taken? Let me know!

B&W: Ilford PANF 50
Color: Fuji Pro 400H