This past weekend, we hit up The Block for the first time. It was pretty dope actually. Way too many people, but the food was pretty good. The poke at Pokeworks was bomb. Afterwards, we hit up Tyson's so the kids could play.

In addition to those photos, I had some photos from Lauren's party that were on the roll that I finished up this weekend. 

This post is actually a twofer. Sadly, I recently sold my beloved Hasselblad Xpan panoramic camera to pay for Demi's ring. Lolol. Anyways, those photos are from the SMDC meet a couple weeks back and some random photos since I had to finish the roll before I shipped it off.

Work sucks. I'm writing this post at work. Maybe that's why this post sucks. Haha.

Gear Used:
Contax T3 and Kodak Portra 400
Hasselblad Xpan w/45mm and Cinestill 50