This past weekend, I was able to attend my second SMDC meet. I'm trying to go to these a little more regularly. I got there late (damn Metro) so I wasn't able to walk with the main group. However, a few of us other stragglers formed our own group and we did our own little walk. Eventually, we linked up with the main group but it wasn't for long. It was a pleasure meeting new people and I feel like we're definitely going to collab in the future. Check out Kristan and her brand, VISVC. She was dope enough to model for us even though she mostly came to vlog and shoot haha.

I shot a decent amount of digital, cross processed some Provia, and I also shot some black and white but haven't developed that yet since it's still in the camera.

Good times with cool people doing what we love. Can't really ask for more than that.