I was in Richmond this past weekend at the end of our VB/RVA vacation. I absolutely love the city of Richmond and wanted to shoot. Rasha hit me up and that was that. I enjoy shooting my friends, so volunteers for shoots are always welcome!

First spot was at the Pipeline. I've always seen everyone's photos/snaps but have never actually been myself. It was my first time there and of course it was dope. I ended up taking Izzy and Demi out there later that day. Izzy loved it, Demi didn't. I think she was scared haha.

Next spot was right under the 95/195 overpass. It's a nice secluded open area with a lot of dope places to shoot. I always enjoy coming to that area even if it's not for photos. The vibe is nice and aesthetics (I hate using that word now lol) are on point.

Overall, shoot was fun, but it was hot as hell! It was hard for both of us to not sweat haha. Can't believe we actually had a shoot out in the middle of the day. The shaded spots definitely made for great lighting.

I'm somewhat sad at how the film photos came out. Turns out that my developing chemicals are exhausted and didn't develop properly. A lot of tweaking in Lightroom was done. Gotta get new chemicals before anymore film developing :(

You can check the rest of the photos out on my flickr.