Last month, Kristan hit me up to shoot with Valerie for her clothing brand, Vis Vires. Let me tell you, this was probably one of my favorite shoots I've ever shot. Vibe was great and the location and lighting was on point. I thought the photos turned out pretty well.

Valerie was a dope model. She basically did all the work and I just pressed the shutter. She definitely knows what she's doing. It was a nice change to work with an actual model. I'm terrible at posing so it was great that she knew her craft and it was easy to capture it. Looking forward to working again with her in the future!

I shot both film and digital for this shoot. It was my first shoot with the newly acquired Fuji GA645. Yep. I'm back to medium format. Finally! It's not the 6x6 that I was used to with the Hasselblad, but this camera is hella fun. It's basically a point and shoot "rangefinder" in 645 format. Absolutely love it.