Before this past weekend, it was years since I last visited New York. I gotta say, this time around, it was one of the best trips/mini vacations I've ever taken in my life. Good company means everything!

It's funny because Demi and I didn't really have any aim for this trip other than to visit our dear friend, Katie. We literally had nothing planned; Just come up, visit some spots on our list and that was it. Felt good not to rush. I was really hoping to run into Casey Neistat, but yeaaah, that didn't happen LOL. I did meet the legendary, Louis Mendes, though! He's the reason why I got into pack film (Polaroid) photography. He was standing at the corner of the world famous B&H store. (Go figure). 

Overall, it was a great experience. Got to see some faces I haven't seen in a while, good eats, good times, etc. The highlights were definitely the High Line, World Trade Center, Central Park, Fulton Ferry State Park (right next to Brooklyn Bridge Park)  and DEF the POPCORN CHICKEN. The subway was dope too. If you visit for a weekend, I highly recommend getting a 7-day pass for $31 instead of Ubering/taking a cab. The subway is hell of a lot better than the Metro here in the DMV. MTA > WMATA.