A couple weeks ago, Erin graduated. Can't believe with Erin's graduation, everyone from Bainbridge has graduated! It's a dope feeling forreal. That house had a bond that cannot be duplicated. If you asked us on the first day we moved in, no one would have guessed.

Sadly, I don't really have a reason to go back to Richmond anymore besides the occasional pit stop to and from the 757. Also can't forget the Redskins training camp, but that's about it.

That last weekend had a somewhat surreal feeling for myself. Whenever I'm with everyone in Richmond it's always a good feeling. No matter what. Hell, even being in Richmond in general without the friends is a great feeling.

I'll end it here because that weekend was so long ago and I'm to lazy to write. 

I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked, but that's okay.