This past weekend, Demi and I were deciding if we should take a day trip to Philly or just go to RVA. We decided on the latter simply because Philly would be too cold haha. It ended up being only aruond 50 degrees in RVA so that was dope. We plan on taking a trip to Philly MLK weekend.

I finally finished a roll of film I had that I first shot a couple months ago. It's been in 3 different cameras. For those of you who don't know, you can move film from camera to camera by rolling it back up and putting it in a different camera. You definitely want to compensate for the shots you've taken already unless you're going for random double exposures. Had a little photo session with Andie that literally lasted 5 mins haha. Was picking up a roll of Ilford HP5 to develop and scan for her. Had my camera on me and had to burn though the last few exposures of my film so we shot for a few mins.