Good lord. Did not realize it's been 2 months since my last update. A lot has happened since then, but as usual, I got lazy. Anyways... about a month ago, my cousin flew me out to SF take her maternity photos as well as her brother's family photos. No brainer. Free flight out west? Hell yes.

The trip was just for the weekend, but it was still definitely a lot of fun. Her shoot was one of the best shoots I've ever had as was her brother's which lasted about half an hour and went well considering it was with kids.

After my cousin asked me to fly out to take her photos, I figured why not also visit LA since I'd be out there already. That's exactly what I did. I took a day trip to LA. Day trip even sounds too long. It was literally for a work day (8 hours or so). My short time there fly by with the quickness. It was literally a blur. It was crazy seeing Mark over there doing his thing. It honestly felt surreal.

In addition to seeing Mark, I kicked it with the forever homie, WCBF, Isabel's ninang, Isabel LOL (and also Richard lmao).  Yep, they share the same name. As always, it's great seeing your homies that you haven't seen in forever. Hell, we've been friends for about 11 years now and I think she's honestly my oldest friend. It's also crazy kicking it with two of your best homies from different coasts living int he same area now. Shit is wild. Anyways, I almost missed my flight cause of those three assholes because they kept giving me drinks right before I had to leave for my flight. Son, I was Hurt McGurt. I was this close to missing my flight if I hadn't caught that gate change the last minute.

Also speaking of old friends, it was great seeing Kim after all these years! Lucky Chances is dope. If you're ever in the area, Lucky Chances has some bomb ass food. It's a casino haha.

That is all. I'm rambling. It was way to long ago so the excitement over the trip has expired haha. On to the next one! Might need to let the page load. Way too many photos. You can also find the rest on my flickr.