What a show. Although I would say this go-round wasn't as good as Magnificent Coloring Word Tour, it was still a great show nonetheless. The only thing I was disappointed about was that he didn't perform Summer Friends. That's def my fave song off the album. 

Special thanks to the homies Lee and Lawrence for hooking it up with the pit tickets. Our original tickets were somewhere in the 100 section but Lee and Lawrence got us into the pit. Much appreciated, homies! It was kind of sad that we were the most hype in the pit raging out in the back haha. Granted, we were pretty inebriated, but we were definitely feelin' the vibes. Demi and I ended up sending our tickets to Erin and Stefan too, so it was a win-win for all of us!

I'm surprised at how these shots came out. I was expecting them to be total crap. Surprisingly, they're just half crap haha. I was shooting Portra 800 pushed to 3200. This is only the second time I've pushed two stops with colored film. Very satisfied at how they turned out. The Contax T3 is a perfect little pocket camera that is actually pretty great for concerts.

LPT: Use binoculars to get better shots with your phone/camera. I've been doing this since I was a kid. I'd stick my little point & shoot camera or phone onto the binoculars to get some pretty cool photos. Was definitely satisfied here.

After the concert, we ended up going to Jade Villa which was one of the best decisions of all life. Before that though, as we were leaving, we saw that someone had got hit by a car. Smh. Dude was probably drunk and jaywalking.

If you haven't seen Chance The Rapper perform live yet, I highly recommend it. I've never seen more white people at a rap/hip-hop concert in my life. Lmao.

Also, if you're in Virginia Beach, do yourself a favor and hit up Jade Villa. Heaven on earth. Bring American Money. (Get my reference? Heh.)