This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Denise.  It's funny because we have quite a few mutual friends - some from VCU, some from photography groups around here in DC, but nonetheless, it's awesome meeting new people. It's also fun collaborating with someone you haven't met before because you never know what you're gonna get.

Denise was awesome. She knew what she was doing is just an overall fun personality to be around. DC/RVA area photographers, hit her up to collab. You'll def get some good work with her! Shameless plug haha. 

I'm still working on my portrait game. I feel like it's never really been a strong suit for me. I've generally been a street/documentary/journalism kind of guy, so being able to grow into portraiture is a fun learning experience. I know I missed some things here like the tighter shots, but still currently working on it. If we had a little more time, I probably would have remembered haha. I'm excited to get more portrait sessions in once the weather becomes warmer. Looking for more people to practice with. Hit me up!