This past weekend was all about good company. We went out for Lauren's birthday. Sorry, Lauren. I don't even remember how old you turned. Well, are turning in a couple hours. LOL. 24? Kobe?

Anyways, as usual, it's always dope seeing everyone. Man, I didn't even get to snap a fphotos with a lot of you. We all have graduated and are growing up. It's crazy how far we've come along. Anytime with these people is always a good time.

To start the night, Demi and I went to Masa 14 as a part of DC's Restaurant week. It was fun. We don't have a lot of date nights to ourselves, so when we do get one, we make the most of it.

I'm still trying to get the hang of the rangefinder. It's definitely not like an SLR. You don't see through the lens; rather, through a separate window. You might notice that a lot of the photos (pho/Sno Cream) are black and white. That's not on purpose :( I decided to try a film I've never used before and forgot it was Tungsten balanced. The original photos had a blue cast over everything. It's a film you want to shoot in amber/tungsten light. Oh well. Now I know.

Peep Eazy-E aka Rian ZigZagAllah 1000. Oh yeah, and Mark broke Demi's phone. Hahahaha.